Infrastructure and Bibliographic Collection

The PEI has a modern administrative infrastructure with technological resources that aim to promote teaching learning process. The classrooms are equipped with computers that have specific simulators.

Structure 1 

The laboratory infrastructure has an area of approximately 500m², distributed in several laboratories duly equipped that provide support to students of the course in conducting studies and research for elaboration of monographs, dissertations and theses.

Structure 2 

Departments Participating in PEI

The PEI has collections of the various libraries of UFBA, in addition to libraries of research groups. The UFBA has an online collection of CAPES journals that has more than 9000 titles of national and international sources of academic level and has access to patent bank registered in country. The journals, made available in real time by CAPES Portal, represent almost all of the titles indispensable for bibliographic research, offering a significant source of research in the most diverse branches of technology.

Structure 3