Lato Sensu Courses

Currently, PEI does not offer courses of Latu sensu (or specialization), providing classes of professional masters in their place. The following is history of the latest program specialization courses:


The CICOP (Specialization Course in Industrial Automation with emphasis on Informatics, Instrumentation, Control and Optimization of Continuous Processes) was conceived by Department of Chemical Engineering of UFBA and by AINST. To deal with process engineering and/or control, the professional must master concepts and engineering tools that, as a rule, extrapolate his academic background. When completing the course, the professional will have acquired the capacity and tools necessary to engage with complex problems in area of his choice, namely instrumentation, control, optimization and/or Industrial informatics.


The Specialization Course in Natural Gas Engineering (CEEGAN) comes to meet a demand from professionals who develop their activities in natural gas segment, giving them opportunities to act differently in the areas of distribution Decentralised and final use of natural gas, in the industrial, commercial, public, residential and transport sectors. The programmatic content of CEEGAN incorporates all phases of natural gas, from its production, beneficiation, distribution, commercialization and utilization, in addition to the regulatory, safety and environmental aspects inherent to the use of natural gas.


The CEPI (Specialization Course in Economic Engineering, Strategy and Loss Prevention in Industry) proposes to supply shortage of professionals with quantitative and multidisciplinary vision trained in an integrated way in the areas of engineering, economics and Strategy. This course aims to train professionals capable of acting in different aspects related to problem solving, optimization, and prevention of losses in industrial processes. Thus, CEPI has as a strong point the integration of knowledge in area of mathematics, statistics, information technology, reliability, prevention, engineering, economics, administration and accounting, contributing to training of professionals with Broad vision of business in which they operate.


The CGA-HEMORRHOREDE (Specialization Course in Environmental Management with Emphasis on Cleaner Production for National Public Hemorrhonetwork) was created to meet need to expand management capacity of the Hemocentros through the training of its collaborators Aiming at elaboration and implementation of environmental management models to increase eco-efficiency of its activities, and thus provide these professionals with a vision of level of the environmental challenge faced by society, besides the importance of Participation of organs and civil servants in their equation. The course was developed by Industrial Engineering Program in Partnership with Clean Technologies Network (TECLIM) and general coordination of Blood and hemoderivatives/Ministry of Health.